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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tea gifts

Today I will show you the outstanding little omiyage gifts that Brenda, Gail and Mel made for our tea get together:

Clear Gable box with a red tea and saucer diecut holding tea bags, Cookie Corner Lilikoi and Lime Bars (Mmmmm!) and a Starbucks gift card from Gail whom is visiting from the mainland.

Whole bunch of goodies from Mel:  A box of tea bags decorated with a Spellbinders Tea diecut; desk calendar and a green box . . . .
filled with a Kagami Mochi cell phone chain that she made!  Ca--yuuu--tte!!

Tea stickers, B&B hand sanitizer and Big Island cookies completed the gift.

Brenda created a matching set of 3:
The Bag held a gift holder and inside was a Home plaque.

The box (shown above) held this . . .   OMG,  I guess I can only say it reminds me of a tri-shutter card.  If anyone knows what the exact name of this is, please let me know!! 

Brenda filled each box with goodies:  Bling, tea a magnetic clip.  AMAZING!!  She said you can buy it unadorned at Ben Franklin . . .  now don't everyone run there to pick them all up!!  I need to pick a couple of them up for myself!!  LOL!!

Thank you, Gail, Mel and Brenda, for such memorable gifts.  Love them all!!! 

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Colleen Kwan said...

Love all the omiyage gifts that all of you gave to each other at the tea. All of you are very creative and talented. :)

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