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Monday, December 17, 2012

I have an addiction . . .

My name is Fran . . . and I have an addiction . . . .

It's actually a holiday addiction . . . . and . . . it's not really bad . . .  It's just that . . . .

Got your attention!!!  I have a compelling need to match my holiday tags to the wrapping paper!!!

Drives DH nuts!!  He finishes shopping, wrapping and sending out gifts before I even start on my list, and he can NEVER find tags (because I haven't made them yet!). 

 I just finished wrapping 3 gifts.  Took me an hour!!!

But DARN, it looks good!!!

30 presents more to wrap . . . .

Supplies used:  glitter, ribbon, fiber, MS Snowflake punch, cardstock and gold foil paper
(actually, I have no idea how many more presents need wrapping)

 and to answer your questions, yes, DH uses store bought labels!

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Colleen Kwan said...

There is a special lady out there that is just as crazy as I am- YOU! :) What I make sometimes drive my hubby nuts too. I am so grateful that he helps me out to do my projects so that I don't go nuts. Wow! It took you an hour to get 3 gifts done. You are so funny with saying you have an addiction. At least it's a good kind of addiction. :)

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