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Friday, January 6, 2012

The simplest, easiest gift card holder

I learned how to make the the simplest, easiest gift card ever from my friend Sherri and I'm sharing it with you!

Here is my template.

Start with a 5 1/4 x 6 in paper. You can make 4 holders from a 12 x 12 piece of paper. With the 5 1/4 side up, score 3/4" from both ends. With the 6" side up, score at 1 1/4 and 3 3/4.

Cut the 3/4 score lines off, leaving the middle panel uncut. Do the same thing on the other side. Now cut tabs from the 3/4" scored middle panel (See the picture above.)

Fold in the tabs and then the smaller panel. Adhere.

Cut a 3/4" x 6" for the band. (You can use the left over paper or choose a coordinating color). Decorate. (I reused the reindeer that Dori made.)

All done!! Didn't I saw it is the simplest and easiest gift card holder!!! :o)

Here's a birthday one I used with left over paper from another project.
All I did was round the straight edge corners. In fact, I'm going back to round the edge of the reindeer one. I think it looks much better with it rounded. You can also use a decorative corner rounder.

Make yours today and please send me a picture!


HawaiianLibrarian said...

That's gotta be the EZiest giftcard envelope yet! We could even do this w/ my keiki, all pre-cut n -scored. Mahalo for sharing.

Colleen said...

What a cute giftcard holder. Thanks for the measurements and for posting the template to make it.The ones that you made are very cute. I hope that you are doing well. I miss hearing from you. Have a wonderful Friday and a nice weekend! Big hugs!

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