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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Japan - Day 2

Day 2 started with a Buffet Breakfast at Hapuna which had a Hawaiian Decor Flair.  Sis, being a foodie tried all the different types of foods offered.
Including the matcha, orange juice and coffee.
Next stop -- a return to Decks.  The day before we caught the city transportation (The bus) to Decks but most of the stores were closed by the time we got there.  So today, we took a cab:
This is also the place where we took our first selfie!  Little did we know that it would take lots and lots of tries before we got it right...
Lower deck upper deck:
We went to a Tokyo Trick Art Museum in which we had totally lots of fun!  Check these pictures out:

The Trick Art Museum contains one dimensional paintings that have the look of 3D.  We took probably 100 pictures in the museum and I'll just have to show a few of the ones we laughed about . . .
We took so many pictures at this stage because we kept cracking up with laughter....
Here is what is really happening - a mirror.

Unfortunately, I can not show you all the fun pictures because Blogger would probably kick me out, but here is our favorite one: 
It took us at least 20 shots before we kinda got it right.  Here is what the picture really looks like in REAL LIFE:
We would definitely return to the Museum with our family one day.
Lunch was at a little Italian restaurant:
Chicken ragout and bambooshoot pepperonicino (1.480Y)
And the special Mozzarella Grana Padano, pepperoni, Asiago, Tomato sauce, Tareggio, Basil Pizza (1.580Y )
Of course we hit the Daiso store and saw Fran's chocolates,
All in all, a definitely long day and wonderful time at Decks:

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Lynn said...

Your trip looks like it was a blast. I've been to Tokyo often but never to the Trick Art Museum. Now I have a new place to visit while in Tokyo.

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