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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Japan - Day 1

Well - I guess it is finally time to post a sisters trip to Japan. It was my first time to Japan and my sister's 3rd.  We had a BLAST, plenty sister bonding time filled with lots of laughter and togetherness.

Day 1:
After 4 months of anticipation, the day was finally here.  No husbands, no kids, just us two.  After a 9 hour flight and we finally arrived at Haneda Airport in Narita at 1:30am HST.  While in the airport, Sis discovered she left her itinerary and all her yen on the airplane!  After a 20 minute wait, they found it and returned everything to her.  We thanked them with Hawaiian Host Macademia Nut Chocolates and Pineapple gummies. We laughed about it after the fact because this is typically the type of thing that NEVER happens to her but ALWAYS happens to ME!

Why I love Japan -- for their honesty.

From there we take a taxi to our hotel - Prince Shinogawa Hotel and went to bed after planning what we would do the next day.

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CarlavdM said...

How exciting visiting Japan Fran.

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