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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tea Swap NE-1?

Karen from Canada was my partner for May's Tea Swap.  It was so cool to have a partner living so far away!!  Check out her blog!  The theme was flowers and the challenge color combo was red/green.  This is the beautiful card she created for me along with two Teaforte Blueberry Merlot and Cherry Cosmo.  Mmmmmm!!  She also included a flowering tea bud, this one is called Starlight Rose.  I recently acquired a clear tea pot so I can't wait to see what forms!!

This is the inside of the card.  Love the quote! 
Karen, thank you for being a great partner this month and for a great card and delicious tea!!

Here's my card to Karen.  She is called Clementine the Tea Pot Girl from Stamping Bella.  I used a couple of copics and Prima flowers.  The quote was passed on to me by DeAnna.  (Thank you, girlfriend!  I've finally used it!).  The quote goes perfectly with the image.

I also reused a cute goodie holder that Kelli made at our last get-together.  I thought it went perfectly with the card.  The owl is from Cricut.

Inside the holder I included 3 teas and 2 Green Tea candy.

Wanna join in on the fun???

It's now Open call for June's Tea Swap!!
Requirements: 2 tea bags in a handmade card mailed to your partner by June 8.

Optional Card Theme:  Masculine cards
Optional Colors: Brown/Black/Beige 

Card can be blank OR you can write a note in it. Your choice!

If you are interested, email me no later than May 25 midnight
Send me an email SUBJECT: TEA SWAP with
your name
mailing address
email address
likes/dislikes/allergies (re tea type)
Loose tea okay? Y/N
blog (if any)
If you are willing to swap international or US ONLY

I will send a group email with the partner list by May 28. Teas must be mailed out by June 8.

Drop me a line today if you are interested!

Responsible swappers only, PLEASE!

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