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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cupcake Holder Tutorial

Per your request, here is the tutorial: 
 You will need 3 papers:  a)  12x12 paper for the box bottom; b) 8 x 8 paper for the box top; and c) 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" for the cupcaker holder (the inside).
Creating the box bottom:  Score the 12x12 paper at 4" and 8"; Turn the paper 90 degrees and score at the 4" and 8".  Trim your paper as follows:

Following the design above, dashes mean score; solid lines mean cut

At one loose fold, punch out a portion of the label punch (I used SU Decorative Label Punch) and adhere the folder over to create a pocket.  Each loose folder gets adhered to the next flap so that you are left with a cross and each outside portion of the cross has 2 pieces of cardstock adhered to each other.

Here's another picture showing you how the folds are overlapped.

Now to create the Cover and the Inside cupcake holder.  Cut paper to size indicated above.

For the Cover, score 2" all around the 8"x8" paper and then cut at the four corners.  You will be creating 4 cuts altogether (see picture above). 

For the inside cupcake holder, score 1" all around the 5 3/4" paper and then cut at the four corners. Then using a die cut machine or punch, cut a 2" centered circle (I used a Nesti).
Finish off the box by adhering the four corners. 
Here is what the box cover and the cupcake holder looks like right side up.

Create your little card.  I used an SU stamp from For A Friend set, chalk and bling. 
Place the card inside the pocket created by the SU Decorative Label Punch. Place your cupcake holder inside the box.
Fold up the four flaps and place your cover on top of the box.
Tie a ribbon over the box and a pretty tag.  (SU tag from the Matchbox messages set.)
Now all you need is the cupcake. 
Thank you for stopping by!

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Colleen said...

Fran, thanks for the tutorial. I received a cupcake box exactly like the one that you made but I have not had to time to make one yet. I was think that I would probably need to take apart the one that I received to make one. I guess I don't need to now. :)

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