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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

I started these gifts early this morning and I was stressed all day trying to finished them before our Mother's Day Dinner while running errands here and there.
   I created a bunch of my Ningyogami dolls in different heights and created a framed family plaque.

 These frames are from Ross' for less than $10.

BTW, I did finish them 1/2 an hour before we left for dinner.

Now to work on the cards for my gift cards class!!!


Colleen said...

Wow! These gifts that you made are awesome! How long did it take you to make each one. I am glad that you were able to finish them in time before you had to leave for dinner. I am sure that your mom and MIL loved and were amazed by all the love and time that you put into making the gifts for them. Hugs!

eunice said...

Oh my goodness, this is the most adorable Mothers Day gift ever! Definitely a labour of love...I'm sure your mom and mil LOVED these special treasures!

Karen said...

These are gorgeous ans sooo cute!

HawaiianLibrarian said...

You created most beloved gifts - lucky recipients! The colors, the angles of the heads, the positions of the arms just make each doll reflective of each person, I'm sure. Mahalo for sharing.

Lynn said...

This is a great gift idea! Thank you for sharing it with blogland. You did a terrific job despite being under the pressure of a deadline.

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