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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tea with Teddy & Me

I was in charge of my son's preschool Valentine celebration Friday. I had to plan their lunch and activities for the day. One of the planned activities included making a valentine card for their parents. We set up a small photo studio. We had a couple of dresses and shirt outfits for the boys. Dressed them up and took a picture with their favorite teddy. I downloaded the pictures to Walgreens and picked them up an hour later. I made the card frames yesterday and finished them up this morning.

and the inside of his card:

The 2-3 year old children glued a single heart and we wrote the I and the U for I {heart} you. For craft time, they decorated their valentine bags (lunch bags) with more hearts.

For lunch we had a little tea party with children tea sets, petite sandwiches, cut up fruits and cupcakes, brownies & cookies for desert.

What an exhausting day!

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HawaiianLibrarian said...

Oh 2 sweet! You did a fabulous job from photo dress-up to delicious "tea" party. Yes ma'm, it looks like a ton of work but that handwritten love just fills your heart, and you'll do it all again at the drop of a teacher's note!

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