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Friday, September 25, 2020

More Ningyogami Cards and No Class on Saturday

Hi, All!  Please note there is no class again this month.  I am hoping that Hawaii will open up on gatherings -- enough to hold class next month.  In the meantime, let's all do our part, Hawaii: Mask up, wash your hands often, and social distance.

I'm sharing more Ningyogami cards today:

My daily routine involves packing a kit of washi paper, glue and scissors, taking them with me wherever I go (including at work). If I have a spare minute or so, I’ll make one or two dolls on the go. Then when I’m back home, I transfer the dolls to cards.

People have asked where I learned how to create them. I found out how to create the basic paper dolls several years ago. Then I just rearrange the clothes or hair until it looks like what I have in mind.

These last two cards, I decided to add more things on them.

but I like the plainer cards better. 

They make the dolls look much more serene and elegant, don’t you think?

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Lynn said...

I like the fancy ones to, but I think my favorite two are the last one and the one with a grey background and yellowish kimono. You do beautiful work. I like the idea of making the doll while on the go and then finishing up at home. Amazing cards!

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