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Friday, November 18, 2016

Ningyogami Dolls

The craft fair season has started for me.

This year I am making Ningyogami frames.

and family frames.

Here are several frames that have recently been sold.

Our next craft fair will be at the 30th Islandwide Christmas Crafts and Food Expo held at the Blaisdell this Thanksgiving weekend. Can't believe my family has participated for 30 years!! Please stop by and say, Hi!

BTW, have you seen my new watermark?  I finally had time last weekend to try an app.  I am so proud of myself!  You can teach an ol' dog a new trick ;o)


Lynn said...

Wow! Those pieces are gorgeous. I hope to see you and your creative work at the fair.

Colleen Kwan said...

As usual I love your ningyogami dolls. Yours always turn out looking so elegant. I need to take some lessons from you one day. I am glad that that your frames were a big hit.

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