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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Big Island of Hawai'i

Hi! I just got back from a week's stay on the Big Island. Wanted to share some pictures with you.
We stayed a couple days in Volcano.  You can see several ōhiʻa trees growing on the lava; the first form of life that grows out of the hardened lava.
My favorite picture is of the ōhiʻa lehua, aka Pele's Flower that I took in Volcano Park.  The legend states Pele, the Volcano goddess, was very jealous of the relationship between Ohi`a (a handsome chief) and Lehua (a beautiful maiden).  Because Ohi`a rejected Pele, she turned him into a twisted tree with grey leaves.  Lehua was so devastated that the gods took pity on her and turned her into a beautiful red flower on the tree.  Lehua means flower sacred to the gods.  They say that every time the Lehua is picked, it will rain symbolizing the lover's tears.
Petroglyphs in Pu`u Loa carved into the lava rocks.  They estimate around 23,000 petroglyphs in this area.
Punalu`u Black Sand Beach where the Honu (turtle) would come up to the sand as the tide rolls in.  The black sand is made of basalt and created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools.
There were several Honus swimming very near to the kids in the water, although the kids never knew just how close they were.

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Colleen Kwan said...

What fab pictures of your time in Hilo. The flower that you took a picture of is beautiful. I of course love the honus too. Thanks for sharing the legend of Pele. I always enjoy hearing about different legends.

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