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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paper Trimmer Update ~


Some of you asked for an update on my Rotatrim paper trimmer and if I am still in love  ;o)  After using it extensively for 3 months, I STILL love it!!  However, this paper trimmer is not for everyone!!
  • There is a 2-inch-wide plastic finger guard to the left of the blade, you can't cut skinny strips of paper. 
  • You cannot cut multiple pieces of card stock; perhaps 2-3 sheets will fit under the finger guard.
  • It is NOT a mobile trimmer!
For me, the selling points were durability and precision.  Heck, I can cut chipboard with this!!  I recently used the office's paper trimmer.  It cut straight a couple of months ago.  Last week, however, it no longer cuts straight.  Don't know what happened, it wasn't dropped and it wasn't abused (I should know because I kept it close to me!).  I looked up the price and it was just as expensive as the Rotatrim.  However, the office paper trimmer has a plastic base and is of the Guillotine type. 

I still love my paper trimmer.  Yes, it has the limitations indicated above but I can cut skinny strips of paper other ways and I wasn't looking for a mobile trimmer.  Yes, I can only cut a couple of paper at a time but I will NOT trade multiple cutting for precision cutting!  The Rotatrim is built solid, it's heavy.  I expect to have this baby for a L-O-N-G time!!

I know for most people (even me at one time), cost is a big factor.  I would love to hear what values you look for in a paper trimmer and if you have found the trimmer that is right for your needs.  


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