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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's here, It's here, it's FINALLY Here!!!

I've waited for almost a year for this baby!!! I've been looking around for soooo long, patiently looking for the best deal!  AND WHY oh why is shipping to Hawaii so expensive? Can't it fit in a flat rate box!!!

I've done the research for at least a year....  Want to know what the best paper trimmer for all around paper crafting!!!???

It's the Rotatrim Mastercut Professional rotary trimmer, baby!!  And Amazon FINALLY got it in stock.  I couldn't believe my luck when they FINALLY got it in!  I've scrimped and saved and patiently (or should I say impatiently) waited for the best deal!!  Just as I was going to pay the eventual expensive shipping cost, Amazon got it in!!!!  Why get the Chevy when you can get the Porsche, right?  Shipping to Hawaii would have cost me at least $68.00.  It came with free shipping!  Amazon is DA BEST!!!
Here it is all set up for cutting all the mini album kits, just in time!!  Now I no longer have to hear Byron say . ". . tsk, tsk, tsk.  Soooo crooked!!"  :o)  Check out the reviews.  Of course, mine is only a 12" because that's all I could fit on the table.  That I'm still as happy as can be.  I'm still on cloud nine and can't believe I've finally got mine!!!

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Colleen Kwan said...

What an awesome gift for yourself. I am glad that you got it for a good deal and best of all for free shipping. Have fun prepping your kits with your new "toy." Hugs!

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