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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basic Grey Gift Cards

Still cleaning out my house looking for things we don't use anymore.  Actually, it is more like a LONG leisurely looking for stuffs.  LOL!!  Many things I took out to get rid of but put them back.  Mmmm . . . not time to get rid of yet.  But hey, I'm finally getting rid of the baby towels and blankets, even though the "baby" is over 5 years old!!!

 Found lots of scraps from leftover classes of the past.

 Here is a design I did for a class in May.  I still love it!  It looks so elegant!

It's a gift card holder.

Another picture of the inside.

I'm also getting ready for craft season, the first one will be the first week in November.  
These cards will go in the box for sell.

Happy Thursday!

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Waseem said...

Beautiful cards...Do you wish to use grey Gift Card envelopes for it.

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