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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Notecard Teacher gift

Happy Holidays! It's been a long time! I've got lots of crafts to show you but I think I'll post them slowly to spread the season (because it's going by way too fast!!). So I'm all done with the craft fairs and now just getting my own shopping done.

For today, I'm sharing what I did for my kids' teachers. They are notebook cards that you quickly print, personalize and embellish. Someone shared this with me many months ago and I've kept the link knowing it will make great teacher gifts. (I'm sorry that I'm posting this too late since most schools are already on holiday break).

Here's the link to the original idea by Alicia. L-O-V-E I-T!! Please also check out her pinterest. She has WONDERFUL, absolutely wonderful ideas!! I didn't have to change a thing, other than I should have taken a little time to make sure my cutting was not off (see the extra white space on the bottom of this card?). Oh well, next time I'll be a little careful but other than that, I was able to finish these 30 cards in 2 hours (office lunch hours). Not bad, huh! I reused those plastic acrylic boxes that holds SU stamps. Place 10 cards and envelopes, a Starbucks gift card and handmade tags. BTW, the envelopes didn't fit in the box so they were placed on the bottom of the box and tied all together with ribbon.

As a side note, thank you to all who asked. I had a successful craft fair season and sold all the boards. The most popular, you ask? Hello Kitty, of course!! But I can't post pictures of that until Colleen opens her Christmas present (LOL!!! Hi, Colleen)!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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Lynn said...

Thanks for the really cute idea and link. YOu are what makes blogland so special.

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