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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Tea Holder

I just created a birthday card tea holder for a BFF on the Big Island. Check out the stitches stamp near the border and the Happy Birthday stamp! More on that later......

This tea holder holds 2 of my favorite tea flavors: Lupicia's Malama and Lanikai. BFF, Beve, introduced me to High Tea maybe 10 years ago. The idea behind this gift is because we won't be together to celebrate our birthday and tea, one tea bag is to be celebrated on her birthday and the other on mine. The two quotes state:

A little cup of Friendship
With a bag of tea

When you relax and drink this
Remember it brings love from me.

Brew on January 27, 2010

I wish we could sit together
And drink a cup of tea.
But since we can't,
When you have this one,
I hope you'll think of me!

Brew on January 31, 2010

I hope she likes it! It should arrive on her birthday.

PS: Special thanks to DeAnna. I LOVE my new Fiskar border punch. Thank you, girlfriend!!!

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scrapnhawaii said...

Hi Fran,

Just looked at your tea bag holder. SO cute!!

I have one major complaint about your blog posts.... They are definitely dangerous to look at when one is supposed to be working....

I am supposed to be writing a very challenging report and prepping for a "kidney function" lecture. Way too much fun to look at your ideas!!

Thanks again! You truly are an inspiration.

~Thank you, Sally!! :)

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