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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bottle Cap Craft

 Needed an ID for a flash drive. Since I had a bottle cap available, I quickly checked online to see how others were creating their cute bottle cap jewelry.
Did you know that you can just run it through the Big Shot?  Punch a hole with your Crop-a-Dile and either use Crystal Lacquer or adhere a clear acrylic 1" circle on it.  Add a chain or key holder like I did and you are all done!
 Speak of ID Tags, here's one you maybe interested in. I've been doing it for years!  At the hardware are laminated chip samples.
I've taken a couple of these samples, added stickers, punch art, etc., etc.  Then using a Versamark stamp pad, ink all over the front of the plate.  Then use UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder) and emboss the front of the laminated chip.  In the back of the laminated chip I usually print or label my phone number or address ("If lost, please return to ...").  I've added these personalized laminated chips on our suitcases, backpacks, lunch pairs and other cases.  They last forever!!  The daisy tag above is actually the first one I did 12 years ago.  It was sealed with regular embossing powder so over the years the embossing was starting to fall out.  To make it new again, I re-embossed it with the UTEE.

Happy crafting!!!

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Colleen Kwan said...

Making keychains, tags, magnets with bottle caps are lots of fun. I have not made one for a long time. I think I have some bottle caps that I purchased awhile back. I should dust them off and make some fun things with them.

I don't think I have ever made ID tags with dog tags before. Where do you purchase dog tags. They sound like fun to make too.

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