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Monday, February 16, 2015

Cup of tea

Hi everyone! I've been creating some prototypes of projects for the upcoming class scheduled for February 28. Going back to my love of tea and tea parties, we will create a tea bag holder and a couple of matching cards.  Please stay tune for some sneak peeks.

The month has flown!! I've been busy with birthday parties, the kids' class projects, valentine cake pops for the kid's class, thank you cards for birthday wishes and other family activities. It's almost the end of February and our next class is scheduled for Saturday, February 28!!

At class last month, one of my students, Joanne, created these cute tea cup holders!! I bought a couple of them from her for my tea swap. She said she cut them out with her Silhouette.

For the one she created for me, she added several tea bags, a tea spoon, and some tea flavored packets to add to the water bottle.

I just love how cute they are!! Thanks, Joanne, you are the best!!!

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Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Oh, these would make great gifts. Joanne did a fab job!!!

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