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Friday, February 15, 2013

Brenda's Mini Album and Open Call for February's Tea swap

My January Tea Swap partner is Brenda, my absolute favorite Librarian! I call her the queen of mini albums because every time I see her, she is creating another mini album!!

First of all here is her gorgeous tea card that she said was created by a "sorority sister::

Then she created a tea swap journal!!!  The journal has 12 pockets for the 12 months of tea swapping!

and in each pocket, there is a tag to write a description of the swap, when I sent my card out and when I received a card from my partner!  Each tag has a different tea clipart. (They are all adorable!)

Here are some pictures of the inside of the journal:
 And a picture of the beautiful cover:

Hey, Bren -- Thank you for being a GREAT Partner this month!! 
I L-O-V-E my journal book!!!

Do you want to join in on our fun???
Open call for February's tea swap:

Requirements: 2 tea bags in a handmade card mailed to your partner by February 28.

The optional color is Green
The optional theme will be "Going Green" (your interpretation, of course).

Card can be blank OR you can write a note in it. Your choice!

If you are interested, contact me no later than February 16 with the following information:

1) your name
2) mailing address
3) email address
4) likes/dislikes/allergies (re tea type)
5) Loose tea okay? Y/N
6) blog (if any)
7) If you are willing to swap international or US ONLY

I will send a group email with the partner list by February 18. Teas must be mailed out by February 28.

Drop me a line today if you are interested!

Responsible swappers only, PLEASE!


Andaje said...

Wow - what a treat :o)
Hope you guys will have fun at the next swap.

Colleen Kwan said...

Brenda's mini albums are always amazing. The one that she made for you is beyond amazing and very creative. I love the album that she made for you as well as the card that a seniority sister made.

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