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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hawaii Starbucks - gift card holder

Did you know that different counties have different designs on their Starbucks gift cards? Do they think Hawaii is a country???!!! LOL!! I wonder if every state has their own Starbucks refillable gift card? Well, Hawaii has their own.

I even found this on ebay!! (BTW, that's the design I have and love). Imagine there are Starbucks gift card collectors out there!!

One of my first choices for a gift "from Hawaii" is a Starbucks gift card. I mean, who doesn't love Starbucks!! And, every time they use it, they can think of me (well, not really "me" but ... ok, Hawaii!!).

I wonder how often Starbucks change their design. I googled but didn't find any info. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place... I think to date I have seen at least 5 different Hawaii ones come and go. The one pictured is the latest one.

It'll be pretty interesting to see other designs so....If you have a design from where you live, send a picture to me and I'll post it. Now these have to be official Starbucks with your town/country or state clearly imprinted on the card (that's a requirement!). If you live in Hawaii, you'll have to send me a picture of a different Hawaii design (not the one pictured here nor the Nene Goose one - sorry!). I'll do a random drawing from the official cards I get and send the winner a .... $5 Hawaii Starbucks gift card to buy a Starbucks coffee on me!!! You have until August 26 to post your entry!!

Another thing I love to do is regift those plastic holders that hold crafting goodies like, for instance, the one that came with Nestabilities. Decorate the plastic with Hawaiian paper and Plumeria punchart and waa-laa . . .

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