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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The sign of a crafter!

"Here I am at work and I need something fast to congratulate a co-worker.... think fast!! Lunch hour spent thinking of something, but what?? I'll create a banner of some type. Mmmm. Wish I had that cone die and my diecut machine. Should have thought of this sooner ... like last nite.... Ok, hand cut triangles. Good, we have cardstock paper in the copy room. Cut, cut cut. Now, I need letters. Where can I get stickers, rubons? Wish I had my letter diecuts it would have looked professional... Oh well. Let's see what we do have... A computer, printer and paper. Font: Arial or Times Roman? How large? Now what???"

"OMG, I have a circle cutter in my desk!! (Didn't have the time to bring it home years ago). Anyone have string or ribbon? SHUCKS, I've got a ton at home in every color. Guess I'm going to have to ask around if anyone has 36 inches of ribbon!... GREAT! Thank you for the ribbon!! Mmmm.... not bad, not bad at all!"

WA-LA! From start to finish - less than 30 minutes!!!

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HawaiianLibrarian said...

Perfect banner! It's amazing what treasures our offices hold, and what creativity we have in a pinch!

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