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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GQ - Shirt & Tie

I'm sure you have had one of those days ... just in a slump, no energy to do any creating. No MOJO! Well, I'm having one of those and the only thing keeping me going are projects I am obligated to do. Here's one of those. It's a card I've created before. Simple to create and elegant and always generates praise (Thank goodness!) So this is a birthday card for a guy I've known for years at work.

The A2 card base is trimmed on the top one inch in on both sides, 1/2 inch from the top. The two trimmed areas are then folded down to make a collar. Take a 3" x 3" square pattern paper and fold origami style into a tie. Coil and wrap a piece of wire around the tie. Adhere the tie onto the base of the card "collar". Attach two brads on the collar. Add sentiment.

This will make a wonderful father's day or even boss' day card! Thanks for visiting our blog and hope YOU have a MOJO Day!

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