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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been a while since I last posted, although Karen has been doing a wonderful job with her cards. I love all of the cards in her shoebox swaps!!

For those that know me, like my girlfriend Teri, I get maybe 6 hours of sleep. I seem to do my best creating in the wee morning hours when everyone is asleep. The past several months I have been forcing myself to get more hours of sleep but these past few days I slipped back to my old habit.

These are the second batch of holders I made. The first batch, I cooked them up at 3 a.m. in the morning. I then debated whether I should make some for my co-workers.

Well, this morning (maybe last nite?) Anyway, I woke up as 12 midnight with an urge to make something for some of the girls at work. So I started these and worked on them until 2a.

Went back to sleep, woke up at 5a to get ready for work.

Long day short...I just finished 20 more.

I cannot take credit for these. They have been around for several years. A friend gave me my first one back in 2006. Inside was a movie certificate on a bag of popcorn.

I have no idea what it is called so if you know, please drop me a line!! You can use these holder for any holiday. It's quick, cute, and you use up lots of extra supplies that are collecting dust.

Here's my instructions:

My image is 4x2. Stamped and watercolored.

2 mats created at 4.25 x 2.25 and 4.5 x 2.5.

Lay image in the center of black cardstock measuring 6"x8". Apply adhesive on one side (see picture). Then overlap black cardstock at sticky ends to form a cylinder.

Punch a hole on the top directly across from each other approx 1/2" from the edge. Slide ribbon through the two holes. Package your candy and let it drop down into the cylinder.

Take the lose ribbons ends and tie your bow. To make things easier for the recipient, I added a tag that says, "Pull ribbon up". When you pull the ribbon, the candy peeks out. Cool, huh!

I ran out of chocolate candy so the last 4 had pumpkin spice candy corn packaged and stapled onto matching cardstock.

Hey, I gave one to Sherri who, in turn, created some for her son's soccer team. Check them out here! Great job! And, weren't they easy to do, Sherri?

Happy Halloween and thank you for stopping by!

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