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Friday, June 24, 2016

Pocket Letter Swap

Each month, we have a pocket letter swap and a tea swap. The pocket letter swap has become quite popular recently and involves filling a 9 pocket trading card sleeve with goodies and mailing it to your partner. One must also add a personal letter to the receiver for that is what makes it a letter. It can be mailed flat into a 9 x 11 mailing envelope or folded in thirds and placed in a legal size envelope.

For the creator of the pocket letter, all the odd number crafting embellishments are put into good use. The small size of the pockets shouts at you to be filled. Then your imagination and creativity are released because it seems so easy to fill out one small sized pocket. Anything goes, as long as it fits into the 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 pockets.  Sometimes there are pockets inside pockets.

The sky is the limit when decorating these fun pocket letters. In fact, I have a hard time knowing when to stop adding things and I just keep on adding, and adding.

For the receiver of the pocket letter, it is always a surprise to see what the creator has created for you. Each little space are filled with little goodies.

Create a pocket letter today and gift it to someone! Or better yet, consider joining our monthly pocket letter swap!

~Pocket letters shown were created by Fran~

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